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Why are we
building Spaceduck

On a mission to redefine the way humans, teams, and computers research, discover, and collaborate.

What we're building

Imagine a workspace—private or collaborative—where your thoughts, ideas, research, and creativity are seamlessly organized and interconnected.

Each piece of content is automatically labeled, tagged, and linked to similar items, transforming every file into a collaborative document.

You can share, receive feedback on, and monitor the status of these documents with ease.

Moreover, everything you've collected is discoverable through simple natural language queries.

That's Spaceduck, a private workspace to think, create and collaborate.

Story behind the name and the company

"Spaceduck" stands for "Space" and "a duck". This loosely translates to a duck in space. Now, that's not a very catchy brand name, is it? It wasn't intended to be; we simply could not get a trademark for our original name, "Polaris" (North Star), and our original original name, "DoubleSteady," was so stupid that nobody could take it seriously, except for Daniel, one of the Co-Founders who came up with that stupid name in the first place. I digress. But hey, "Spaceduck" is also stupid, so stupid in fact that you will not cannot forget it.

We aim to make products that we want to use, and hopefully, other like-minded people like you would also like to use them. At the core of what we do is a deep love of product design, followed by our core values, experiences, and opinions that we have gained through our years of experience. In every decision we make, we follow our own tastes and preferences. We build products that we would gladly pay to use. As a matter of fact, we do; we pay for our products, even though the money comes back to the company and then gets paid to us and our staff as salary, and piece of sh*t Stripe takes their fees, but we still pay for it.

Our target audience is creatives and visual people; we don't do market analysis for guidance. We just make products the way we believe they should be, technically and aesthetically, hoping our vision resonates with a small group of aficionados.

Peace out,
Ari (the other (cooler) Co-Founder)

Core values

  • Beauty through restraint is the foundation of our design philosophy
  • Strive for permanence through high-quality design and engineering
  • Build products that we would gladly pay to use

Design notes

Spaceduck is our product playground. We have tremendous fun losing ourselves in the tiny details that make a great product. To say we're obsessed is probably an understatement.

We feel that this level of attention to detail distinguishes our products and makes them worthwhile.

Part of the fun is sharing this obsession with other aficionados. And so, this section of the website is dedicated to design notes. A series of short articles in which we explain our reasoning behind the big and the small design choices we faced.


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